Term Dates 2016 - 2018

Summer,Open,Tuesday,5th September 2017
Half Term,Close,Friday,27th October 2017
Half Term,Open,Monday,6th November 2017
Christmas,Close,Friday,22nd December 2017
Christmas,Open,Tuesday,9th January 2018
Half Term,Close,Friday,9th February 2018
Half Term,Open,Monday,19th February 2018
Easter,Close,Friday,23rd March 2018
Easter,Open,Tuesday,10th April 2018
May Day,Closed,Monday,7th May 2018
Half Term,Close,Friday,25th May 2018
Half Term,Open,Monday,4th June 2018
,Closed,Friday,15th June 2018
Summer,Close,Friday,20th July 2018 [/table]

Please remember there have been far-reaching changes for Absences from School for Exceptional Reasons Policy. There are only specified exceptions in which term time absence can be authorised. These include:

  • leave for returning service personnel
  • leave for family wedding or funeral
  • leave for convalescence

Term Time holidays do not meet the criteria as stand-alone reasons to take time off from school. All planned absences must be requested on an Absence From School For Exceptional Circumstances form. Please also refer to the policy which supports this.

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