Each week during lockdown, Inmans will be giving learning awards to a select few children who have been really trying hard on Seesaw. We realise it’s not easy at the moment so want to celebrate those of you who have really given it a good go. This week’s awards go to:

EYFS: Chloe D, Jesse E, Isabelle F, Maddison V

Y1: Joey C, Scarlett R

Y2: Joey F, Rosie B

Y3: Ethan K, Hannah V, Tommie M, Artie W

Y4: Lexi B, Holly D

Y5: Dylan K, Harry B

Y6: Joshua G, Charlotte H, Will G, Zach C-B

Congratulations to all of you. Now this doesn’t mean we don’t think lots of others are working equally hard… keep it up and you could be seeing your name here next week.