Y3 & Y4 pupils had a special visit today from Joy & Georgie who are from Sam’s Safari, to tie in with their Rainforest topic they discussed the different layers of the rainforest and which animals they would find in certain layers. Joy & Georgie showed the children a range of animals and taught the children the correct and safe way to handle each of them.

First they met Titch the Wood Turtle, they talked about skeletons and how Turtles are born with their shell. Then they met Woody the Stick Insect, children discussed why Stick Insects would live up in the canopy. They met Millie the Giant Millipede and Peter the Ball Python. Barry the Blue Tongue Skink impressed everyone showing off his Blue Tongue, the children learnt he does this to frighten away predators. Next out to meet the pupils was Graham  the Gargoyle Gecko , he can be found in the rainforest in New Caledonia. Titch the Red Footed Tortoise can be found in the Amazon rainforest, they live on a diet of Fruit & Veg, they enjoy a strawberry as treat. We also got to meet Mo the Mossy Frog and Terena the Tree Frog, the children asked a lot of questions and found out some very interesting facts. Mo the Mossy Frog actually breathe and drink through tier skin. Terena  the Tree Frog is nocturnal and can change colour depending on the humidity and light. Last but not least we got to meet Sven the poll cat who is a woodland creature and a natural predator.

For more information Sam’s Safari does have a website: https://www.samsafaris.co.uk/

Here are some photos of 3b meeting the animals from Sam’s Safari this morning…