Healthy Schools

At Inmans Primary School we promote Healthy Schools, a few ways in which we do this are:

  • promote physical, social, emotional & mental health to help equip pupils, staff and families with the skills needed to make informed decisions about their health. 
  • we support pupils to do their best and build on their achievements. We are committed to ongoing improvement and development.
  • we recognise the importance of investing in health and wellbeing to assist in the process of raising children and young people’s achievement levels.
  • we involve the whole school community, parents, governors, staff & pupils in improving children’s health, wellbeing and happiness, helping them to get the most out of life.
Social, Emotional & Mental Health

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health covers aspects of:

  • Behavior
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Mental Health
  • Anti Bullying
Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating covers aspects of:

  • Healthy packed lunches
  • Breakfast & Late Club food provision
  • School meals, free school meals and universal infant free school meals – increasing uptake and optimising quality.
Active School

Active Schools covers aspects of:

  • ensure high quality PE twice a week for all year groups
  • Provide 30 minutes a day of Physical Activity
  • Develop an ethos and culture around Physical Activity
  • Compete in traditional team sports such as Football, Cross Country and Dodgeball to inclusion sports such as Boccia, Trigolf.
Personal Social Health Education

Personal Social Health Education covers aspects of:

  • Keeping safe and managing risk
  • Economic wellbeing and being a responsible citizen
  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Y5 & Y6 Sex and relationship education