Hedon Museum have been awarded a grant from the Humber Museum Partnership to work with local schools and Mr Hay and Mr Porter from Hedon Museum came to work with our year 5 and 6 children today. 
They had brought lots of different artefacts for the children to investigate.  
This was a great chance for the children to put their historical questioning skills into practise and hypothesise over the artefacts and how or why they had or hadn’t changed over time.  The children really impressed us with their questions and how they discussed this historical evidence from daily life in the Victorian period. 
Not only did they have to think of the evidence from what or how it was used in the Victorian times but they had to consider how and why the artefacts had (or hadn’t) changed for use in our modern daily lives.  Here are some examples of what our children thought of the investigation: “It is really interesting to see the different objects and items used because we can compare what the items are like now to what the Victorians had then.”  “It is important that we learn about the past because we can appreciate how things have changed and if we have improved or not.”  
Top thinking year 5 and 6  and well done!
Feedback from Tony Porter..

Just got back home following our day with the school. It has been a very busy but extremely rewarding day. The Yr5 and 6 children were well behaved and despite their exhaustion following their residential time away, they soon perked up and asked pertinent questions and made very good educated guesses etc for the items for observation. I would like to thank you for hosting us and the kindness shown and I do hope we can work together in the future.