Well, yet again, 1A have shone in the reading competition with a fabulous 75% class engagement (great attainment and progress too). Well done 1A, that’s 3 weeks in a row; If there was a trophy you’d get to keep it!!

And the individual raffle winner of the £10 book token is…. Ella L of 4A. Well done Ella and I must say, after looking at your reading record, you richly deserve it… Ella has read an amazing 141 books on ORB this year, you must really love reading Ella (I feel I need to also compliment your sister, as she’s read an even more amazing 161 books on ORB this year, great work Chloe).

This week, the challenge continues to be to read one fiction and one non-fiction book and do their quizzes or complete two setting descriptions (KS2) or one setting description (KS1).

Happy Reading!