School Uniform

In order to ensure all our pupils have the same message about our uniform we have put all uniform requirements together on this page. We hope in this way you will be able to support our efforts to have consistent uniform throughout the school. This will help us to eradicate differences which can lead to peer pressure such as fashion items and designer labels.

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School uniform requirements

Polo shirts – red or white

Trousers/skirts – grey or black

Sweatshirts/cardigans – red

Tights – black/red/grey

Dresses – grey or red gingham

PE shorts – red/black

PE T-shirts – white

School shoes

School shoes or black trainers – no open toe sandals or shoes with ankle straps as these may cause injury

If boots are worn to school children will be asked to change into sandshoes for indoor lessons.

PE Kit

Shorts – black or red

T-shirt – white – no logos


Outdoor Kit

Track suit bottoms, black, no stripes or logos.

School sweat shirts may be worn, or black or red track suit tops.

We will ensure we have supplies of school kit for pupils to borrow in the first instance, if they forget, or bring unsuitable kit.

Please ensure that kit is in a drawstring bag and left in school from Monday to Friday so that sandshoes are  available in case of wet or dirty shoes.

Please ensure all items of PE Kit are labelled, even if it is with marker pen, and initials, we then stand some chance of returning found items.


We strongly recommend that children do not wear any jewellery to school. Jewellery is always a potential cause of injury. Also Teachers cannot be responsible for looking after rings or bracelets when these are either taken off in PE lessons or lost.

For these reasons parents are asked to discourage children from wearing jewellery. Where jewellery cannot be removed it is the parents’ responsibility to provide tape/plaster which can be placed over the jewellery on the PE days. If jewellery is not removed or earrings covered the children will not be permitted to take part in PE and Games.

Please ensure all items of clothing are labelled so that found items can be quickly returned to their owners.

Thank you for your continued support.