Today we held our ‘Just So Inmans’ Parade, we invited parents/carers and family members to come and watch the parade on our school playground and invited them to come back into school at 3.30pm to try a variety of food.

The parade began with our EYFS pupils who performed the Kangaroo Dance, as part of their topic of ‘Hot & Cold’. Y1 & Y2 followed with their Indian themed bollywood dances to relate to their topic ‘Would you rather live in India or France’. Y3 & Y4 performed a Brazillian dance to relate to their topic of ‘The Rainforest’  Y3 did the La, La, La and Y4 did the Samba & last but not least Y5 & Y6 danced a theme to the Mardi Gras to relate to their topic on America.

All pupils and staff put so much effort into their props/masks and into their dances, we are so proud of everyone for their hard work and confidence in performing in front of so many people.