We are so delighted to inform you that as a result of the recent verification visit last week, Inmans Primary School has been awarded Gold level of the National SMSC Quality Mark, and this has been confirmed by the Quality Assurance Panel.

Mr Johnson who is our SMSC Lead was joined by members of our school council escorted the verifier around the school and discussed the numerous ways in which our school supports the SMSC development. All our pupils show passion, commitment and subject knowledge about SMSC. The children value the numerous opportunities that they are given to voice their opinions, listen and learn from each other and contribute to the development of the SMSC programme.

The verifier said it was clear to see that Pupils highly value the cultural capital that they have been afforded by a curriculum which has been specifically tailored to address the social context of the school and enrich their understanding of other faiths and traditions. Inmans Primary School has enabled SMSC values and practices to be embedded right across the formal and informal curriculum, ensuring all pupils, regardless of their background can benefit academically and are exceptionally well prepared for life in modern Britain.

Strengths of the school’s SMSC development:
  • The school has a clear vision for SMSC and a strong moral ethos which is reflected in every aspect of the school life and evidenced during my visit in the staff surveys, assemblies that I observed, breaktime and in the various panels that I interviewed on the day. Pupils are kind to each other, have high aspirations and behave very well within a positive and caring culture.
  • Pupil’s spiritual, moral, social, cultural understanding is developed very effectively. A well-balanced and rich curriculum provides a wide range of experiences that contribute to pupils’ clear understanding that they belong to a tolerant, multicultural and multi-faith society.
  • Pupils are very well prepared for life in modern Britain and have a deep understanding of fundamental British values. School council members are elected at the start of each year and play a key role in the development of the school and the provision of additional facilities such as the buddy benches.
  • The school offers a diverse menu of after school clubs such as art, craft, dance, sports and book clubs to enhance curriculum provision. The school also provides many opportunities for pupils to go on trips and to contribute to the wider community
We would like to share with you this quote from our SMSC Report:

Inmans Primary School is a centre of excellence for SMSC and a beacon of best practice. You are changing lives and transforming the opportunities of your students through the ‘Golden Thread of SMSC’ which has been skilfully woven throughout your curriculum.