We have support in place for when children are moving to and from Inmans Primary School, when moving year groups/key stages and moving to higher education, a thorough transition process which is adapted and personalised to each child is put in place. Please see the detail below of the process that will happen.

Transition To EYFS at Inmans Primary School

The Nursery/Pre-School SENCO meets with our EYFS staff to discuss any pupils needing support and a further meeting with the SENCO at Inmans is arranged if necessary.

Transition between year groups/key stages

In terms of transition between year groups/key stages systems are in place to ensure that the following class teacher is aware of specific needs and next steps in learning. For example, they attend the Summer term annual review for children with EHCP’s and also the support plan review session which is held with parents. Additional transition visits are arranged and transition books are prepared for children on the SEND register.

Transition To Secondary School

There are a number of transition meetings which take place throughout the school. Meetings take place between ourselves and the feeder secondary schools to prepare the Year 6 children for
their transfer to secondary. These meetings are held to share data, attendance, individual education plans and pastoral information.

The SENCO at Inmans Primary speaks with the SENCO at all receiving secondary schools to discuss each child and the support they have had/will receive. This usually takes the form of a transition meeting and parents and Outside agencies are invited if appropriate.

Additional transition visits to the feeder secondary school also take place on a regular basis for specific pupils prior to transfer. These visits take place to coincide with key times of the secondary day e.g breaktime/ lunchtime, as well as fact finding days to look at the building and meet key staff.