We were recently contacted by Kelvin Hurd, who is a trustee of Holderness Community Orchards which is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation based in Hedon which was set up in 2019 to bring a resource for the people of Holderness that would provide varieties of fruit for local people to enjoy and bring a sense of community to Hedon and the local area. More information can be found on their website so please take a look: http://www.orchardsforholderness.org.uk/

The Holderness Community Orchards have been in contact with Inmans Primary School since setting up the charity, inviting pupils to a planting day at Elsie Gate back in December 2019 so we were thrilled to hear from them again recently. The Holderness Community Orchard had received permission from the Haven Trust to plant some trees at the Hedon Navigation Trust. After a lot of research the charity decided on mixed nuts trees, these produce a great quantity of fruit and last for hundreds of years. As well as helping to provide fruit for the community the nut trees will also help to provide food for the local wildlife such as deer and magpies.

Our Y4 pupils and staff went along to the Haven this morning to plant some trees with Kelvin. They planted x16 Sweet Chestnut Trees and 5x Walnut Trees. They learnt about why the charity had chosen these particular trees, talked about the local wildlife and how they will help everyone in the community to enjoy fruit. They had a really great morning. Here are some photos: